Saturday, January 28, 2006

the strokes-Nottingham(england)27/01/06

So i went we missed the first support band who were bromheads jacket:
bromheads jacket homepage
there are kinda on the same band wagon as arctic monkeys and everyone has heard of them now.

and the second band on were shout out louds but all i could think during them was come on the strokes.. couldn't wait

and then finally the strokes there is not much i can say then from amazing. they didn't interact with the crowd at all except from jules announcing songs.was mental too and the venue was huge.Nottingham ice arena. i crowd surfed at least 4 times and still made my way back to the front of the crowd :lol: my mate lost his show on the 3rd song. i cant remember the setlift as i was having such a good time.

So what you have been waiting for(spose you will be disappointed) the pics:
my mate took them on his phone and he wasn't as 'up for it' as me so he didnt get to get so close. but still better then nothing. i would of been able to get better pics on my mobile but i left it in my coat in the clockroom as i thought i may loss it like my mate lost his shoe :lol:.

My mates take on the day(shaun)
So, I figured every time I go to a gig I am going to record here in this little blog so I can recall at the end of the year my favourite gigs and such.

I started to type a huge essay, but I'll cut it down as short as possible.

- We got to Nottingham -> Derby and back to Wellingborough without paying, get in.

- We asked people in Nottingham where Hooters was and got funny looks. Although we were meeting Craig in there to get a ticket. Craig was a nice chap too!

- Hooters was good to my surprise, although it was surreal and Dan & Tilley treated themselves to Hooters t-shirts.

- We made our way to the gig, missed Bromheads Jacket which was a shame caught Shout out Louds who weren't that great. They are poor live compared to the album!

- After a wait the lights went out and The Strokes hit the stage, into the second song I lost my shoe, then fell on the floor at least five times.

- Crowd surfed, over about 3/4 people then got dropped to the floor [ouch].

- The crowd were wankers, the strokes were pretty good though, played a massive set to my delight. I don't know how I managed to stay in the "pit" for so long.

- I got my shoe at the end, and found Tilley and Dan then we proceeded to steal sweets, then legged it!

- Went round Nottingham for three hours, seeing the sights [which weren't very pleasant]. Got on our train to Derby, we arrived at like 2-ish had a three hour wait till our next train. So we decided to ram food machines, cause it didn't gve me my crisps, but we got them in the end and chocolate.

- Walked around as much as you can at a shit train station, then sat down. Oh and by this time a certain someone had done a shit on the platform as there was no toilets.

- Slept in a room the nice bloke let us in for 2 hours with a gypo and two french people.

- Got the train back for FREE, and as we left Derby saw the cleaner prodding and cleaning Dan's shit, nice.

- Walked in the door at 7.30am, didn't go work!

All in all I fucking loved it.