Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Arctic Monkeys live/demos downloads

So by now you should of heard of these guys.
arctic monkeys

The singer was voted nme number one coolest person i would say he is 'cool' but NME don't know cool if it slapped them straight in the face.

The Arctic Monkeys selling out every venue they do and fans not even being able to get tickets. And tales of woah from ebay of fans buying fan cd's when you can downloads loads of stuff from there forum.

This should suffice for the new fans.

loads of downloads

videos quite a few here

also. bbc dna session

A certain romance remixs
A certain romance remixs

Radio 1 gig "In The City":
A Certain Romance-
Dancing Shoes-
I Fake Tales of San

I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor-

Mardy Bum-



jools holland video

from dominos(there record label

even more


CLICK HERE!! 13 pages of downloads on there.


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