Friday, April 15, 2005

Week 1 choices:

This is where it starts my single of the week is ....................

This is what alot of people have been waiting for the return of the cartoon band the Gorillaz with, 2D,Noodle,Murdoc and Russel

also there new album Demon days is also due for release on 23/05/2005

And my music video of the week is also
--> Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. -->
Video provided by The Source
As for the video, it opens at the end of another big night at the Feel Good Inc. tower in an anonymous grey city. The tower is awash with casualties from the party, all sleeping off the effects of the night before. 2D is the last one standing. As he gazes out of the window he sees Noodle pass by on a floating island, topped by a huge windmill. Her world is one of green grass, dappled sunshine and butterflies - in stark contrast to the grimy and debauched world of the tower.

taken from
Here's what Noodle had to say: "The windmill is a representation of a note of optimism, a memory of a simpler time. A snapshot picture of an older world, a note of simplicity and a little remembrance of a more innocent moment, pre-struggle."

Check out to find out more about the gorillaz

Album Of The Week
I have choosen Keane - Live Recordings 2004 (EP)

Tracks include:
1. Somewhere Only We Know (Live At The Forum, London)
2. We Might As Well Be Strangers (Live At Columbiafritz, Germany)
3. Allemende (non-album track) (Bnn That's Live Session, Amsterdam)
4. This Is The Last Time (Acoustic, Mill St Brewery, Toronto)
5. Everybody's Changing (Live Airwaves Festival, Reykjavic)
6. Bedshaped (Brixton Academy, London)

Since i first heard this band i have never stopped listen to the album hopes and fears all the songs on there are hits

Check out my radio blog to hear tracks from both artists.


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