Thursday, April 14, 2005

Radioblog begins.....

I have decided to start a blog. My blog will be about music and my radioblog and updates i do to it.

i.e Adding new tracks,
My track of the week,
Video of the week,
Album of the week.

Also comments from people who have looked at the site. with there thoughts of my blog and my radioblog music choices.

You can tell me what tracks you like and what tracks you dislike.and lastly what tracks you think i should update to the radioblog.

And suggestions for track,album,video of the week are welcome.

Ok so a little about myself. My name is Daniel(barrons17) and im from England. Im currently at college doing an I.T computer course which last for two years. Im at the end of the first year now and it is pretty boring so far but im carrying on with it. If there is anything else you whish to know about me email me on

this is me:



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