Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My Ipod Top 25 Played

Very soon new track will be up im going to be putting my ipod top 25 most played up so in order:

1.)Gorillaz-Feel good inc(already on radioblog)
2.)Lostprophets-Last train home
3.)Stereophonics-Dakota(already up aswell)
4.)Gorillaz-Dirty harry(up aswell)
5.)Bloc party-Helicopter
6.)Bloc party-Like eating glass
7.)Bloc party-Banquet
8.)Gorillaz-5/4 fivefour
9.)Gorillaz-Tomorrow comes today(up)
10.)Bloc party-Positive tention
11.)The bravery-No brakes(up)
12.)Feeder-Feeling the moment(up)
13.)Feeder-Bitter glass
14.)Bloc party-She's hearing voices
15.)The bravery-Swollen summer(up maybe)
16.)Feeder-Pushing the senses
17.)Keane-We might aswell be strangers
18.)Royce da 59-Buzz
20.)Bloc party-This modern love
21.)Bloc party-pioneers
22.)Butch Walker-My way
23.)Feeder-Tumble and fall
24.)Feeder-Morning life
25.)Gorillaz-El manana

Also i thought this would be also quite interesting to look at to see what im listening to.

Any ideas for new tracks to be added email me on:CLICK HERE


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