Friday, April 22, 2005

My choices explained.....

Now i have made my choices for this week. Im thinking off what to choose for next week.

I will be hosting the videos so i dont have to rely on other sources but i may continue with how i do the videos at the moment. not to sure.Might not be worth the trouble.Im going to make a video section so you can go in and check all the videos of past weeks, i think this is a good idea(hopefully ill be able to make it).
The thrills-The irish keep gate crashing is an amazing video just how it is shot. And a quality song aswell.

The song i choose(The Bravery-Unconditional) is amazing be cool to see what other people think of my choices, of what i have said before peoples ideas for nexts weeks track,album,video of the week.

The album well i think it speaks for its self all you need to remember is this name bloc party for the futute they are already big in the uk(i think) so look out in America for them i spose. All there concerts in the uk sold out within minutes.



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