Monday, May 09, 2005

choices choices choices.....

Well first im gonna say i might just be doin two posts a week from now on my choices and my ipod top 25. and then add new tracks.

Album of the week

Ok so album of the week is....
The Bravery-The Bravery

Track List:

1. An Honest Mistake
2. No Brakes
3. Fearless
4. Tyrant
5. Give In
6. Swollen Summer
7. Public Service Announcement
8. Out of Line
9. Unconditional
10. The Ring Song
11. Rites of Spring

I heard them live at one week end on radio 1 and i didnt think they sounds dat good live, the singer wasnt givin it his all, but the bands was in my opinion. But the album is amazing. Its indie i think.

Single of the week:

Well my single of the week would have been Gorillaz-Feel good inc as it has just been released today, but i have already choice it but ok. My choice is Snoop dogg and Justin trousersnake or homolake(Timberlake)-Signs

Its a good song bit in the video pharrell is in it and he doesnt even sing in it, biut maybe im wrong. I know he helped produce it because it has the N*E*R*D sound to it which kicks ass so check out the blog for this track

Video Of The Week:
Gwen Stefani-Hollandback Girl

Video code provided by Music Video Codes

Well she is hot and the lyrics are crazy so end of story.

This shhhh is bananas b a n a n a s.......:D

Sunday, May 08, 2005

well first of all sorry for lack of posts this week. I will put up my choices off the week tomorrow as im pretty tired and yeah. so check back tomorrow.