Saturday, April 23, 2005

What ive been listening to...

All ive been listening to this week is Gorillaz-Demon days. Ive really been getting into all there music. i think they are the kind of band you hate or love.

Ive been trying to get hold of some of there rare stuff and even some live. Pretty cool music i think. In one word differant.

Old Gorillaz-

New Gorillaz-

Can you see the differance? and in the music?

Friday, April 22, 2005

My choices explained.....

Now i have made my choices for this week. Im thinking off what to choose for next week.

I will be hosting the videos so i dont have to rely on other sources but i may continue with how i do the videos at the moment. not to sure.Might not be worth the trouble.Im going to make a video section so you can go in and check all the videos of past weeks, i think this is a good idea(hopefully ill be able to make it).
The thrills-The irish keep gate crashing is an amazing video just how it is shot. And a quality song aswell.

The song i choose(The Bravery-Unconditional) is amazing be cool to see what other people think of my choices, of what i have said before peoples ideas for nexts weeks track,album,video of the week.

The album well i think it speaks for its self all you need to remember is this name bloc party for the futute they are already big in the uk(i think) so look out in America for them i spose. All there concerts in the uk sold out within minutes.


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Week 2 choices:

my choices for this weeks are as follows....

Album of the week is Bloc Party-Silent Alarm

1.)Like Eating Glass
3.)Positive Tension
5.)Blue Light
6.)She's Hearing Voices
7.)This Modern Love
9.)Price of Gas
10.)So Here We Are

Its an amazing album. all the song on this album are amazing. Check out my radioblog and play there songs some songs of the album are up on it, check them out and see what you think. But this album is one for the collection and you can listen to over and over again and not get bored off like some albums.

Check out bloc partys homepage Bloc party

The Band.

It consists of(from left to right)
Matt Tong-Drums
Gordon Moakes-Bass
Kele Okeree-Vocals & guitar
Russell Lissack-Guitar

Bloc Party is an autonomous unit of un-extraordinary kids reared on pop culture between the years of 1976 and the present day. Like many such kids, between them they eventually concluded that their own attempts to imitate what had informed them could be construed as a worthy variation on the many forms that preceded. They do everything that's required to conform to the currently received ideas of what a band is: ostensibly to play instruments at the same time, but also have a title for the work created.
Taken from

Next is track of the week.

I have choose...
The Bravery-Unconditional
taken from the album The Bravery-The bravery

This album is also worth buying i think check them out on the radioblog. If you haven't heard off them.

Video of the week
It is The Thrills-The Irish Keep Gate Crashing
Click here to see the video
ive liked this band for a long time, there music seems to be a bit differant in the sound from the normal stuff you hear. The new album is worth getting the (thrills-bottle bohemian) and so is the old one( the thrills-so much for city) got alot of quality songs on them as in big sur, corey haim,dont steal our sun,santa cruz. the are well worth checking out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Now all the tracks below are up. Also layout is complete.

Im now making my decision for track of the week(doesn't have to be new) also album of the week and video of the week.

If you have any ideas or what you think it should be email me on:CLICK HERE

Be good to get some feedback about my site aswell.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My Ipod Top 25 Played

Very soon new track will be up im going to be putting my ipod top 25 most played up so in order:

1.)Gorillaz-Feel good inc(already on radioblog)
2.)Lostprophets-Last train home
3.)Stereophonics-Dakota(already up aswell)
4.)Gorillaz-Dirty harry(up aswell)
5.)Bloc party-Helicopter
6.)Bloc party-Like eating glass
7.)Bloc party-Banquet
8.)Gorillaz-5/4 fivefour
9.)Gorillaz-Tomorrow comes today(up)
10.)Bloc party-Positive tention
11.)The bravery-No brakes(up)
12.)Feeder-Feeling the moment(up)
13.)Feeder-Bitter glass
14.)Bloc party-She's hearing voices
15.)The bravery-Swollen summer(up maybe)
16.)Feeder-Pushing the senses
17.)Keane-We might aswell be strangers
18.)Royce da 59-Buzz
20.)Bloc party-This modern love
21.)Bloc party-pioneers
22.)Butch Walker-My way
23.)Feeder-Tumble and fall
24.)Feeder-Morning life
25.)Gorillaz-El manana

Also i thought this would be also quite interesting to look at to see what im listening to.

Any ideas for new tracks to be added email me on:CLICK HERE

Monday, April 18, 2005

New Layout up (kinda)...

This is how my site is going to look from now on. But still to come is a new background and a banner instead of the writing at the top saying radioblog.

Also im going to be taking a few tracks down as i reliases how rubbish they are. And putting some up any ideas for new tracks are welcome.

Id like to hear about what you think on the layout of the site(the look of it). And what you think of the tracks on the radioblog so far.
What tracks do you think should be put up and what tracks should be taken down?
And last of all ideas for album of the week,single of the week and video of the week?

I think would be pointless to keep choosing the same track for single of the week like a number one.So no track will ever be the best song for more then a week.same goes for album and video of the week.

Im going to be posting like now when new tracks are up and what tracks have been taken down.

Im going to make a playlist aswell so you can see what songs are on the radioblog.

So email me in your opinion please
CLICK HERE to email me.

P.S also be good to get a few comments to see whos looking at my site...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

New layout(soon)

There should be a new layout up soon. And other stuff added to the side like how to contact me. I know it is minor stuff but when this page has my look all over it, I think it will look better then black and white.

If any one has any ideas for new songs for the radioblog to be added or albums i should check out CLICK HERE to email me.