Wednesday, December 07, 2005

loads of strokes downloads

TIM Festival in Brazil videos, 2005-10-21.
Hawaii Aloha.
Automatic Stop.
You Only Live Once.

The Modern Age.
What Ever Happened?.
Hard to Explain.
Barely Legal.
Alone, Together.
Under Control.
The End Has No End.

Trying Your Luck.
Last Nite.
Take It Or Leave It.
Is This It.
I Can't Win

=Arlene's Grocery/Brownie's=.
Sagganuts - Arlene's Grocery .
In Her Prime - Arlene's Grocery .

Rhythm Song - Arlene's Grocery .
A Minor 4-4 - Arlene's Grocery.
In Her Prime - Brownie's.
A Minor 4-4 - Brownie's.

Sagganuts - Brownie's.
Rhythm Song - Brownie's..
Unknown Song 1 - Brownie's.
Unknown Song 2 - Brownie's.
Unknown Song 3 - Brownie's.

Elephant Song - Brownie's. Written by Albert.

WFMU Radio Interview - Lots of Songs + Interview, December 12th 2000..
Triple J Interview - ...Interesting interview on an Aussie radio station..

Denmark Interview - Julian gets interviewed in Denmark. (Video).
Howard Stern - The 2003 Howard Stern Radio interview with Julian..
Fook Interview - An interview on the Fook radio show, a short time before the release of Room on Fire..
Sydney Interview - The Strokes are interviewed after, well, the VHQ Performance in Sydney. (Video).
Meet Me In The Bathroom, In Search of The Strokes - A The Strokes Documentary by Lamocq - A very well done BBC Radio 1 documentary of The Strokes. .

MTV Interview in South America - An interview they did with MTV Brasil on October 26th, 2005. (Video)

Alternate Reptilia Video
- 20 MB - No Rapidshare for this file, but you have to Right Click >
Save Target As on the link to download it. This is an unused edit of
the Reptilia video (as it came from the director's section of the
site), and has some pretty interesting differences..

Arlene's Grocery Footage - 25 MB - Full video footage of the Arlene Grocery gig from April 29, 2000.

=Other Songs - Random=.
A Salty Salute - Cover of the song by Guided by Voices. Indianapolis, May 7, 2004.
Ze Newie - Earlier version of Between Love & Hate. Live at Paradiso, 2002..

Reptilia - Live performance at the Alexandra Palace concert..
Reptilia - This is an early version of Reptilia..
Hard To Explain - Early version of Hard to Explain..
I Can't Win - Yet another early version, this is a live playing of I Can't Win before Room on Fire was released..
Take It Or Leave It - Early version of Take It Or Leave It...and I just found out that it's from WFMU, but I'll keep up..

- The early version of Someday, from the end of the WFMU
recording...this is also the same as the other "Early Someday" going
around, except not needlessly cut at the end (and that's why I'm
putting this one here).

=Other Songs=.
Obstinate - A song written by Albert for their film "In Transit"..
Clear Skies - A song written by Fabrizio for the end credits of a Drew Barrymore documentary. .

Wake Up, Nikolai!
- That little tune in the beggining of In Transit. I edited it in such
a way so that there is no noise when it faded in or out in the movie.
And the name is obviously not official..
Rhythm Song - Rhythm Song recording for their own three song demo made in 2000..
In Her Prime - In Her Prime recording for their own three song demo made in 2000..
This Life - Trying Your Luck recording for their own three song demo made in 2000. Great quality for all three..
Elephant Song - Home recording of the Elephant Song.. ..To
download all of the songs from the Arlene Grocery and Brownies
concerts, the 2000 Demo, and also Clear Skies and Obstinate, click Here - 45 MB.

If you just want Obstinate and Clear Skies, click Here.


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hi there, i'm a fan of the strokes and its amazing that u got most of their videos. but all of them are on rapidshare. is it possible that u could upload the tim festival concert on yousendit instead? i would really appreciate it. Thx

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