Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ipod Top 25

As i said here my ipod top 25, but i dont think it will be any suprise. I said a few posts ago all i really been listening to is blur and the gorillaz so it may be dominated by them.

so in order from most listened to, too the least listened to tracks.

1.)Feel Good Inc-Gorillaz
2.)Dirty Harry-Gorillaz
3.)El Manana-Gorillaz
4.)5/4 Five Four-Gorillaz
5.)Tomorrow Comes Today-Gorillaz
6.)Helicopter-Bloc Party
7.)All Alone-Gorillaz
8.)Last Train Home-Lostprophets
9.)Banquet-Bloc Party
10.)White Light-Gorillaz
12.)New Genious-Gorillaz
13.)No Brakes-The Bravery
14.)Murdoc Is God-Gorillaz
15.)Mix 2-Gorillaz
16.)Rock it-Gorillaz
17.)Swollen Summer-The Bravery
18.)November Has Come-Gorillaz
20.)Positive Tenstion-Bloc Party
21.)She's Hearing Voice's-Bloc Party
22.)Every Planet We Reach Is Dead-Gorillaz
23.)Spitting Out The Demons-Gorillaz
24.)Don't Get Lost In Heaven-Gorillaz
25.)Like Eating Glass-Bloc Party

So there it is you are now shocked and amazed at my musical choices.

Does anyone know any good ipod sites? or have any ideas of new tracks to be added or taken down?Email me:CLICK HERE

And last off all if you like the sound off Bloc Party check out there EP

Staying fat
She's hearing voices
The Marshalls are dead
The answer
Banquet (Phones disco edit)

Its good to hear what they were like before silent alarms album and some track that are not on there.


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