Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The emails i want to be getting....

I'm from LA and checked your radio blog. That shit is pretty cool. I mostly listen to jazz, ambient, lounge and hip-hop, but I dig some of the indie rock you have on there. Of course gorrillaz is a dope blend of many styles that's why I check for them

Music to check for in the hip-hop world. I'm not feelin most of the commercial hip-hop that's pushed the rest of the world. You may already know about this good music, but just in case.
Common - be
Little Brother - The listening
Opio - Triangulation Station

These are the kinda emails i want suggesting what tracks to be adding i will now check out the artists above

Thanks Brandon


also going to upload 99 problems up agains because it isn't working. also i think too many tracks on the radioblog now be good to see what peoples opinions are.


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