Friday, April 29, 2005

My choices for the week

My album of the week is:

The grey album- Dj Dangermouse

Track Listing:

Encore and 99 problems are now up on the radioblog

its mixed by dj dangermouse. if you are wondering why its called the grey album cos its mixed wid the black album jay-z obviously and the beatles-white album so thats why its called the grey album.

dj dangermouse helped to make the gorillaz-demon days album(should check it out)

also the album got banned because of some reason

The Grey Album is a remix of Jay-Z's Black Album made using the Beatles' White Album as the sole source material. It's a lot more than a simple mashup (where the artist pins the a cappella from one song to the beat from another). On most tracks DJ Dangermouse breaks the White Album down into its component parts (kicks, snares, chords, baselines) and creates beats that fit perfectly with the sound and content of Jay-Z's lyrics.

When EMI (who claimed to control the copyright for the White Album) sent a cease and desist letter to DJ Danger Mouse, and to several record stores and websites that were selling the album or making it available, the whole thing blew up in their face. Downhill Battle organized Grey Tuesday, an online protest for sampling rights, in which over 170 websites made the Grey Album freely available for 24 hours, in direct defiance of a legal threat from EMI. Collectively, participating sites transferred over 100,000 copies of the Grey Album, making it the number one album in the country that day. Because of Danger Mouse's genius gimmick and solid production, and the success of Grey Tuesday, the Grey Album is quite possibly the most popular piece of "banned music" ever.

taken from you can download it from there if you have bit torrent.

its well worth getting

My video of the week is......
Video provided by The Source
The Black Eyed Peas-Dont Phunk With My Heart
(its been on the radio here alot i think, and i seen it on tv alot, when you have heard it a few times its catchey, like a cold when someone sneezes on you)

Track of the week is:
Kasabian-The Reason Is Treason

its up on the radioblog

its taken from the album Kasbian-Kasabian there are not a massive band yet, but will be like bloc party.

Track List
Club Foot
Processed Beats
Reason is Treason
Orange (Interlude)
L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)
Running Battle
Test Transmission
Pinch Roller (Interlude)
Cutt Off
Butcher Blues
Ovary Stripe
U. Boat

The band:

There album is full of future classic like club foot,lsf,cut off and reason is treason. GET IT
Kasabian Homepage



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